Sweet Pea’s Journey

Written and Illustrated by Marcia Leiter

In this third tale in the series, Sweet Pea’s Christmas Hospitality has left her home a mess and she want out of there! After tossing a few necessities into her boat she sails off in search of warmer waters. One calamity after another does not deter Sweet Pea from her quest thanks to her practical and inventive bunny-sense. Sail along with Sweet Pea on this adventure, meet her new (stowaway) friends and look for all the stories within the story. Will she reach her destination? Will she want to go home?

This 8 x 10 picture book contains 48 pages of the author’s detailed and whimsical watercolor illustrations. Paperback and Kindle editions available at Amazon.com

Sweet Pea's Christmas

Written and Illustrated by Marcia Leiter

In this second tale in the series, all Sweet Pea’s friends and relations decide to visit for the holidays. As the guest tally increases, She finds there is more and more to do! Will she be ready by Christmas Day? Will String Bean help her out when an unexpected calamity ruins all her plans? Find out as SWEET PEA’S CHRISTMAS unfolds one day at a time just like an Advent Calendar. This full color 8 x 10 picture book includes CRAFTS, a RECIPE and SEEK and FIND.

The paperback, hardcover and Kindle versions are available at Amazon.com

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Sweet Pea's Tale of

Written and Illustrated by Marcia Leiter

Meet Sweet Pea, a little bunny who lives in a hole by the stream on the south side of the meadow. It is dinnertime. She fixes spaghetti but cannot find the tomato sauce. Her solution? Plant tomatoes and MAKE spaghetti sauce. But uh oh... it isn’t as simple as she thinks. First there are NO tomatoes, then she has TOO MANY TOMATOES! She and her buddy String Bean will have to find a way to get rid of them.

Available at Amazon.com
in Hardback, Paperback and Kindle editions.


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