String Bean is not a vegetable! He is a bunny too, but not a little one. He is rather tall. He lives in an old house across the meadow that belonged to Uncle Castor, his great uncle once removed. Sometimes he is aggravating. But he seems to always be there when I need him. Well, not always. Anyway he is not as tidy as I am and not quite as industrious, but there is something about him... which you will see as you read my stories.

Sometimes I make String Bean miserable. But he never complains. At least not yet.


Here is String Bean trying to give me advice. Sometimes he has good ideas. And sometimes he is just plain off the wall!!


String Bean's house needs a little work. But he seems to like it that way. He does not like it when I try to clean up.

Sweet Pea copyright Marcia Leiter 2015

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